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See what others say about working with me...

"Just what I was looking for"

"I would like to thank you very much Konstadina for your great session. I was working on my 'selling issue'. What do I mean with that: Each time I had to sell in my business or I had to plan the selling process, I did not feel good or comfortable about it.

Before having a session with you, I received your e-book “51 beliefs on selling that stop you from attracting clients” and I identified from it quite a few of them as my own beliefs. So during our session you helped me work on those limiting beliefs.

What surprised me the most is that you go really deep into these beliefs and sometimes the issues that stopped me the most were not really that obvious and not directly connected to selling itself.

So, your session was really fantastic! You go really deep with your process and what's most important is that it gave me great results.

Here is what I mean: before the session I would say that my resistance to selling was with an intensity of eight (8); and after the session I can say that it is zero (0)!! So, now I'm not only resisting to selling but I am eager to sell.

Thank you so much for that great session and if you have someone who perhaps may doubt your help, I'm here to tell them that this session can change your life, can change your business life for sure! Thank you so much!!

Ewa Andrykiewicz Zmyslona

Business Coach, Belgium

"I see results..."

"A few weeks ago I had a wonderful opportunity to work with Konstadina through the Positive Change Academy. Before the session I tended to avoid the closing of a sale. I enjoy advocating for people in my business.

I am a Special Needs Travel Consultant. Helping people get out of town with families and friends is my passion. Meeting people, researching vacation requests and gathering information is easy for me. Getting Paid, and closing the sale is harder for me.

After working with the program I see that closing the sale is part of the process. The sale is only one part of the full services I provide. I have seen a lot more ease into the sales portion of my program.

I have also realized that by closing the sale, my clients are going to experience the adventures, and I will stay in contact with them. Sales are a way to value myself for a service I provide.

Sales are also not an ending to a relationship. I have had a number of requests and I'm now working on far more client vacation requests than before, due to now having eliminated these issues. I look forward to a fabulous year, reaching 3 x the income than last year.

Thank you Konstadina."

Vicky Spencer - Rouse

Special Needs Travel Consultant, USA

"This is so useful!"

" I worked with Konstadina a few months ago and I just can't believe how much of a difference it made in my life. I often stop and wonder about it, whenever I find myself doing all the things I thought I could never do, before that session.

I had always been terrified of having anything to do with my money, convinced that I was an utter failure both in managing it and earning it. My whole life, I had found ways around this, with people taking care of my finances and living for me, but that had backfired on me and I really needed help since I was about to get a divorce and being on my own for the first time ever. After the session with Konstadina everything changed.

I just met one of my best friends last week and she knew exactly all about my problems with money… I realized, telling her about what's going on in my life right now, how different I am from the woman she used to know.

Today I am able to run an independent business, keep track of all my business and home expenses, take effective and sensible decisions, know what my job and time is worth and ask for it, and even ask for discounts or better prices (I know!). I am not scared anymore of logging into my bank account or talking to the insurance man. I feel like a real person now.

I don't need anyone to take care of me and my finances, and it makes me feel free for the first time in my life. Free from all the limiting beliefs that came from my family, background and past and that Konstadina very effectively released from my system in just an hour. I cannot be grateful enough to her!"

Domizia Parri,

Entrepreneur, Italy

“One of the greatest gifts that I have ever given to myself was to become a certified Akashic Records practitioner. I enrolled in Dina's online course early last year, Access the Matrix / Akashic Records Practitioner Level and it quite literally changed my life. Her online course is self-paced and can be done in one's own time, directly from home, which is absolutely perfect in today's world. Dina teaches the course via a series of videos, and the information is all based on her own personal experience as an Akashic Records practitioner and teacher. She lovingly shares the wisdom, insights and guidance that she has learned from her sessions over the years. Dina is a wonderful teacher and I am so grateful that she is sharing this extremely powerful wisdom with us all. Her online course is a gift that just keeps on giving. It is an investment in one's own healing, personal development and spiritual mastery. Dina is extremely dedicated and passionate about her work. She is very professional and is a gifted healer. I have greatly enjoyed learning how to read the Akashic Records from her and am grateful that I am now able to offer this as a service to others in my practice. If you are drawn to the Akashic Records and would like to learn how to read the Akashic Records both for yourself and for others, I invite you to follow your heart and to sign up for Dina's course right now. If you have not yet had an Akashic Records reading, then I recommend booking a session with Dina first as the readings that I have had with her were absolutely wonderful, spot on accurate and extremely helpful for me both on a practical level and on a spiritual level. Signing up for her course and becoming a practitioner can change your life. Are you ready? Thank you Dina! Thank you!"

Marla Kaya Turkey / USA

After receiving the Level One Akashic training from Konstadina, we found that it greatly increased our paths to truth and our energy work. Our understanding was clearer and awareness and intuition was magnified greatly. We found it an enjoyable, comfortable and pleasant being able to sit in the comfort of our own home, taking away nervous tendencies and thus making the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable. With gratitude kind regards and many thanks to you Konstadina…

Suzi and Mike Smith, United Kingdom

"At a time when I thought that I had lost my direction and was asking myself "Now what?" , this seminar gave me the joy and the inspiration to continue to do what I love. I deepened my knowledge about the Akashic Records and learned about the Matrix Regeneration Technique. I also found new friends and a teacher who took a special place in my heart. Thank you for all the love, happiness and light! It is a blessing! With love, Flower."

Tsanka Hristova, Sofia Bulgaria

"I would like to share a recommendation for Konstadina's healing work. I had the Akashic Record reading and attunement. Konstadina was a blessing to work with. Her compassion, caring and empathic manner created a healing experience. I highly commend her for offering this wonderful work and blessing many lives. Namaste!"

Suzanne Rose Lubkowski, VA, USA

"This was an exceptional experience! In those two days I felt like being in other dimension. I’ve learned a lot! Thank you for every moment."

Lili Tokadjieva, Sofia, Bulgaria

"Konstadina is a charismatic person and a powerful narrator. She has the ability to pass information with ease and clarity and in a way that it can be absorbed by the listener."

Dipl. Ing. Konstantinos Hatzimalonas, Greece

"The 4 day seminar by Konstadina Sadoriniou was a warm and sweet personal experience, regarding my journey to recognize my inner self. I highly recommend it to those who want to feel beautiful, relaxed and get to know themselves (their inner and the higher self)."

Efi Vamvouri, Greece

"This seminar was an awakening for me, it was the opening of the path of abundance. It helped me think in a positive and beautiful way about myself."

Matina Amerikanou, Greece

"This seminar benefited me in many ways. It was a beautiful experience and I learned things that I knew nothing of or had even thought about. It helped me think differently and gave me a lot of power and energy. I would like others to feel the way this seminar made me feel. I recommend it."

Danai Vasileva, Greece

"A great seminar! It was worth every minute of my stay there."

Eleutheria Efhetzi, Greece

"The presentation of the seminar by Mrs. Sadoriniou, the topics of the seminar and the guidance for deep relaxation fueled my curiosity to attend this seminar, from which I gained the following experiences: At the first and second levels of the seminar I enjoyed the guidance during meditation, I felt total relaxation of my body and mind and so I was able to visit the Divine Matrix and, with the help of the guardians of the akashic records and the Ascended Masters, I received information I could not have received in my full consciousness. I learned that without guidance I can visit the akashic records anytime I want and ask for information on how to overcome something that concerns me. I also learned how to access the akashic records of others interested with their permission to receive guidance on how solve / resolve their problems. I found the procedure of accessing the akashic records very interesting and I can say that I benefited a lot from this seminar and I am very pleased with my decision to attend it. I would therefore strongly recommend this training to anyone interested in spiritual things, if Mrs. Sadoriniou presents it again. Thank you very much Konstadina. May god bless you to help as much as possible anyone who needs help with personal issues and a better understanding of themselves and to pray in the way that you know for peace, freedom, love, justice, prosperity throughout our planet, but also in all the universes."

Lefteris Kousournas, Greece

"It is a journey of great interest to the world of Love, Wisdom and Gratitude, with Dina as our guide, who with great clarity, "simplicity" and analysis, made us feel that we can, that we have the capacity to evolve spiritually. She made us remember that we had already knew but had firmly shut down .... even hermetically I would say. Unknown words and meanings but still known experiences that were given to us in an appropriate manner, were the result of education, remembrance, recovering primal impressions, erasing fears, and re-writing without the fear of what was previously thought to be an “elusive fantasy”. Dearest Dina, thank you very much for initiating the opening towards my personal change, for the encouragement in making me believe that "I CAN". Thank you for the the soul touching moments we experienced and we shared. I am grateful to you and the teachers. Thank you very much"

Rena Koukoulaki, Greece

"I have recently completed Konstandina’s Akashic Record online training. I found it very informative and with her gentle guidance, I have started doing readings for others as well as getting more insights into my own records. I have found it an invaluable tool for trusting my ability to receive messages, to enhance my intuition and open the doors to new opportunities to serve and fulfil my life’s mission. Feeling much gratitude for your work Kostandina. Thank you! Evanthia"

Evanthia Baldwin, United Kingdom

"I attended Dina’s Akashic records workshop and I loved every minute of it. Dinas knowledge of the akashic records and everything related to it is more than enough to teach you everything you need to know and more. She has the knowledge and wisdom to teach a workshop on a big topic like this and I felt that I was in very safe and capable hands. I definitely recommend this workshop for anyone interested in this topic."

Anders Anoan Ehlers Birk-Trojahn, Denmark

"Dina is a fantastic person and she is so talented. I did the course Akashic Records, and it was so inspiring and I learn so much. Book your self a treatment from Dina, you won't regret it."

Benjamin Holstebroe, Denmark

"I have had several Akashic Records Reading Sessions with Dina Sadoriniou and I loved them so much that I enrolled in the Access the Matrix /Akashic Records Practitioner Level Course that Dina offers online. Taking this course was one of the best decisions that I've ever made and I am so grateful that Dina offers this online. I am now a certified practitioner thanks to her! I absolutely love Dina! Her Akashic Records Reading Sessions are completely spot on. She is a clear channel for the information that she brings through from the Akashic Records. I have found that the information that I received during my sessions with her is very helpful and I was able to relate to everything she said. These sessions have helped me transform my life, so that I can be the best possible version of who I am. Revisiting the readings at a later date has brought me even more insight, a higher perspective and has unfolded even more layers of understanding. Absolutely amazing!"

Marla Kaya, Turkey

“I had a akashic records reading session with Konstadina and I am just in awe of the accuracy and attention to detail that she was able to provide... she was able to tap into things that I have been contemplating my entire life, but was too afraid to move forward into actually doing .. and now with the validation I am inspired to move forward in fulfilling my dreams into reality ... she is so easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable in sharing your vulnerability ... she makes sure that you are understanding your session every step of the way and you can feel her kindness through her words ... she genuinely cares about assisting you to become your best highest self... to reach your utmost highest potential... I am so grateful for your time .. your energy and your love .... I honestly can't thank you enough for helping me to come to so much clarity in such a short time... I will be coming back for another session .... bless you for your beautiful heart and your amazing gift .... MUCH LOVE ....”

Violetta Pikul, Canada

“I had an Akashic Records reading with Dina and I LOVED IT! If you are on the path of self discovery and want insights into where you've been and how it crosses your timeline today, You must get this Reading! LOVE, LOVE LOVE DINA! and will definitely be back for more! Thanks for sharing Your beautiful Self and GIft!”

Victoria Gibson, USA

"Thank you Dina for your amazing work! My session with you gave me the clarity and direction I was looking for as well as confirmation of some things that have helped lift a huge weight off my chest. You’re a genuine, kind and caring soul and I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family! Thank you again! Lots of love 

Erica Couto, UK

 You were spot on about me gazing at the sky’s day or night since a was a child. Symbols yes! I have also seen the matrix u r correct and beyond. I’m aware I see passed the 3d or 4d weare in now. I was unaware of getting codes from the planets/stars and sky. Makes total sense! I will watch closer for them. Ty, very helpful for what I’m doing!   Please let me know about what u recommend for a full Akashic reading? I do have a reason, not just for curiosity. Need info for moving forward in my path this lifetime . Many blessings to u! Ty again for your gifts! 

Dorie Pearson

I was at a turning point in my life and felt like I needed a little guidance so I turned to Konstadina for an akashic records reading. I wanted to see where I stand and what my options are. Dina helped me figure out what in my past was affecting me now and how to move forward. She told me which direction I may consider that will benefit me and offered her guidance and services to help me move towards my life goal. I am so grateful and happy I decided to reach out to Dina for a reading which gave me such clarity and direction. Thank you so much Dina! I am forever grateful.

Linsday Yamamoto, Hawaii, USA

Hi Dina , thank you so much for the lovely reading. I shall treasure it. It's a lovely confirmation and clarification and I love the code activation . It's beautiful. Much LOVE to you 

Kimberley Edwards, USA

Where to start Dina! I had so many wow moments with clarity beyond anything l could have imagined. The resonance in your reading confirmed so much and opened up a whole new way of being, a reawakening to my divine service to the world x

Kellie Morris - Australia

Thank you for helping me understand. Your reading put all the pieces together. Feel so blessed to have found you at the exact time I needed the confirmations! Parts of my reading that I didn't at the time think were relevant are turning out to be spot on. I have listened again to the reading and am surprised at how accurate it is. It was wonderful to be able to stop and listen to parts and have time to think over parts, it's the perfect way to be able to really understand all the information as it's hard to take on everything at once.  How you can possibly know things in such detail, astounds me. I am grateful for the time and effort to get the recording, it definitely enables better understanding of a reading. Love and blessings and a huge thank you for my reading and healing, both were amazing and wonderful. 

Debra Webb, Australia

It really resonates with me all of it. The part about me keeper of protection codes is very interesting as a lot of my codes have circular symbols in Them as you mentioned, and I have been making codes with my hands on and off, one time I did it when My son was sleeping and we were in the hospital after he were born and my highest self told me to make draw a symbol with my hands while I was meditating and all of a sudden my consciousness got teleported to a hospital somewhere Else in the Universe with all kinds of beings and crystals. My wife during a regression was back on Sirius and she Saw me there manifesting all kinds of codes in the air, circling around out from my hands. I am really grateful for your Reading and codes have already revealed themselves after your Reading for protection for places or people. I am so looking forward to diving very deep with this and standing in the truth of my eternal being.  Thank you very much dear Star sister, you do a great service for mankind and you are more than welcome to use my feedback here as you wish  Love and light, Anders  

Anders Jensen, Denmark

Dina, I very much appreciated the session today. The clarity and validation that you brought when I asked specific questions, was wonderful and so helpful! Regarding the question about which past lives are ready to be healed and which are affecting me now. What you brought up was exactly a pattern that I have. Knowing where it comes from and recognizing that, will help me continue the healing process there. It wasn't even something that was "on my radar" as a pattern to look at. I look forward to watching the session again to pick up on things that I may not have been ready to realize in those moments. Many blessings and love to you as well as gratitude for the talents that you are sharing with all of us!   

Daneris Cruz, UK

I was excited to find out that Konstadina can determine from the Records what type of Code Keeper I am. After reviewing her reading and viewing the code she provided, I was flooded with emotion. What she told me completely validated what I had known but was hesitant to trust. Now, I can move forward with confidence in my purpose with powerful skills used in service to the world. I'm looking forward to using the code she provided to enhance and activate me more. If you are curious about what kind of a code-keeper you are, I highly recommend getting a reading from Konstadina. 

Lisa Meisels, USA

The information you provided confirmed so much of what I was feeling since I was a young child and I'm very grateful I was guided to do the reading with you.I'm blown away by the accuracy and how reading ignited even deeper remembrance.My connection and work with pyramids are indeed very profound. A couple of years ago when I felt the time is coming I will start offering the codes for the ones they resonate with, I was asking my guides to give me more information on the codes I'm bringing through because I knew people will want to have some kind of interpretation.The answer was that they are not to be explained and also that I will receive more information when the time is right. They were also saying many times that not exactly knowing what I'm doing is for my protection.I've been struggling my whole life with the feeling I have to hide and can't trust the ones who have the ability to see to some degree who I am and what I carry within.At the beginning of this year, I started receiving new insights into who I am and what I do, and with that also the messages that it's time to "come out" more. I would love to get into more depth of what "the floating" codes are in live Akashic Records Session with you if you feel this is something we could dive into. And I'm also feeling I was lead to you because it might be time to receive some other information on my service. 

Kaja Graj, UK

You did an Akashic reading for me in 2019. I have just been listening to it again and I now realise that it was so amazing - I was not able to absorb all the information at the time, which you brought through and can now appreciate how much that you could see and what you were delivering to me. You have a wonderful gift and a caring nature that also comes through in the reading. I am now ready to understand and trust enough to move forward with who I am. You saw right into me, very deeply and more than I could appreciate at the time, even though I was saying “ yes” and “ I understand” - my beliefs did not allow it in. I was too busy taking notes and not busy enough listening!!! I want to thank you so very much, once again. 

Jules Livingstone, Australia

 I purchased Dina’s Akashic Records reading on what type of code keeper I am. I loved it! Dina is very talented and gifted. The reading was insightful and full of confirmations. Thank you again!

Brenda Weinberg , South Korea

 I recently received an audio reading for “what type of code keeper are you” after watching a live Facebook with Dina. Her energy was so lovely, I just knew the reading would be insightful and it was! The reading validated my inner knowing and resonated as true.

Suzanne Shirar, USA

Dina’s Reading for what type of Code keeper I am was incredible, it seemed to click something within me where I was able to embrace and embody who I was and the part I play with bringing in Codes. It shifted something within me that I am grateful for, she found the words I had been struggling with to describe what I do. Thank you so much Dina 

Lee Didco, USA

Wow I love my reading!!!! When I looked at the activation photo, I immediately felt my “old self” being pulled away..like a new version of me was revealed. I love how you mentioned that I am a decoder...and that I can see beyond the 3D existence. I know this will help me elevate my sessions with others. Your work is very powerful, thank you!!!

Michelle Hill , USA 

Thank you Dina for offering this live healing group session using the Matrix Regeneration Technique! I listened to the replay and am so grateful that you are sharing the replay on your page for a limited time. The session was very powerful and transformational for me on so many levels. I was able to shift something on a deep level that I had been working on for some time and by using this process, I believe I have completely rewritten my codes, which is absolutely amazing. I feel much better, much lighter and more expansive. I feel the energy channels within my body completely open now, where previously the energy had been blocked and stuck. Honestly, it's amazing! I feel completely different in my body! And I know that this is just the beginning! Thank you so much for offering this free group healing session. For anyone who has never received a session from Dina, I highly recommend her work! She is amazing! Check out the replay of this live session soon and then book a one-on-one session with her to experience an even more profound healing experience. Thank you Dina! Much Love, Gratitude and Blessings to you dear one!  

 I have had several Akashic Records Reading Sessions with Dina Sadoriniou and I loved them so much that I enrolled in the Access the Matrix /Akashic Records Practitioner Level Course that Dina offers online.Taking this course was one of the best decisions that I've ever made and I am so grateful that Dina offers this online. I am now a certified practitioner thanks to her!I absolutely love Dina! Her Akashic Records Reading Sessions are completely spot on. She is a clear channel for the information that she brings through from the Akashic Records. I have found that the information that I received during my sessions with her is very helpful and I was able to relate to everything she said. These sessions have helped me transform my life, so that I can be the best possible version of who I am. Revisiting the readings at a later date has brought me even more insight, a higher perspective and has unfolded even more layers of understanding. Absolutely amazing!Dina's Matrix Regeneration Technique Sessions are profoundly transformational. I've been an energy healer, teacher and guide for a long time and I feel that this technique that she developed is extremely potent. It is a great healing support for those getting an Akashic Records Reading Session from her.Dina has such a huge heart. She is a loving, gentle and compassionate soul. She cares deeply for the world around her and absolutely loves what she does with a passion. You can feel this about Dina from the first moment that you connect with her.I highly recommend anything that Dina offers. She is someone that you can trust, feel comfortable with and easily relate to. She will help you, guide you and meet you where you are in each moment.Dina is the real deal. Her energy is so beautiful. She lives and speaks from her heart in all ways. I am so grateful for everything that I have received from her and am so thankful for having her in my life as a friend. She is a truly special person.If you are interested in learning more about the Akashic Records and would like to book a session with her, please contact her or visit her website for more information. Thank you Dina!!!

Marla Kaya, Turkey

 Thank you so much Dina for your reading!Dina Sadoriniou is a wonderful reader, so intuitive and in tune! The Type of Code Keeper reading was so precise and full of information, completely resonated with me and was a wonderful confirmation to the upgrades I've experienced as well as an incentive to embrace my soul mission. Thank you and many blessings to you 

Lizzie, VA, Spain

Wow, wow ,wow I have tears of happiness and I am trying not to cry this is the most beautiful and peaceful feeling I have felt, I received a beautiful read on My Cosmic name and my heart feels so much love, my crown and third eye are tingling, I feel overwhelmed in a magical way, I don’t know how to thank you other than my soul loves what you have given me … I am crying with joy thank you Dina

Kathleen Pearce, Australia

Thank you so much. Very touched by it. By reading the name silently in my self I felt directly a recognition. When I heard the light language I felt a very warm feeling inside my heart and felt a expansion off my beingness. While I opened the light code I was straight zoomed into a inner space and felt very safe and protected. Muchos gracias Dina for your pure soul work. I am so thankful for getting my whole cosmic name again. Much love and warm greetings

Lotje Bromans, Netherlands

 Thank you so much. When I heard my cosmic name i felt also the energy around me. I 'm very pleased with it. It came also at the right time, because this is what I just needed right now. To remember who I am and not to doubt on myself anymore. Thank you, you are blessed with an incredible gift.

Inge De Smedt , Netherlands

 I received a Cosmic name reading from Dina. As soon as I heard you speak my name I had instant body recognition- kundalini energy causing involunatry movements from my pelvis and tingly rush of energy through my body with tears streaming.. intense recognition that also brought up something of grief and sadness transmuting (which is part of the essence of my cosmic name!)This is powerful Dina thank you so so much!I will continue to listen and work with it as I am guided..

Kiki Maya, UK

 I met Dina in the group Keepers of the code, and I instantly felt a connection to her beautiful energy, I love everything about Dina Sadoriniou. She has the soul of an angel. She is such an amazing reader, amazingly intuitive and a heart of gold.. I have had the pleasure of getting many beautiful messages from her. Type of code keeper, what is your cosmic name, and received beautiful codes from her lives.She is one of the souls that has helped me with embracing my code keeper abilities.. I would 1000 percent recommend you check her out. Not only will you learn more about yourself (and receive messages and codes to help you remember your divine soul) you will have the pleasure of connecting with such a divine soul. 

Linda Barnes, Canada

You have an amazing gift! Got tingles when i heard my name spoken and my whole being hummed when i listened to the Light Language.I channel it too and Spirit always says not necessary to understand the language as is always vibrationally felt and absorbed.I felt it may have been Lyrian.I also got tingling in my palms which is confirmation of an energy activation.I feel this will help release any blockages to allow more flow in my life, both in my personal life and in my energy healing business, just what I have been asking Spirit for. Love & Blessings Rainbowstar

Julie Oliver, Australia

 Just yesterday I received my cosmic name. Thank you so much! And even more.... the meaning of my name did resonate with something which had been with me since my earliest youth. A way of how I felt about the world, how I felt about myself without realising what it actualy was. Now, more than 50 years later, all as a sudden you reveal my cosmic name which explains everything! Again, thank you so much. It was an experience never to forget xx

 Jan Ceulemans, Netherlands

 I met Dina and she's a great teacher, I admire and hope to learn more from her. Her session are beyond the beyond

Grethel C. Borrego , Mexico

I had an Akashic reading yesterday and it was a truly astonishing experience for which I’m so very, very grateful. Dina is a warm and lovely person whose work is not only impressive but also heart-based and truly moving. She has a powerful psychic gift — demonstrated by her intuition, her interpretation of what she was shown and by her ability to answer most of the list of questions I’d prepared before I had a chance to ask them! She revealed my soul purpose and mission, both of which resonated greatly. I was given confirmation after confirmation about my path, and about past life experiences I need to heal. This was a most beautiful experience and I know I will keep on learning from it. Thank you, Dina, you’re a wonder!Beautiful Dina performed a cosmic name reading for me and I was thrilled with the results. As soon as I heard the light language she used to introduce me to the name, I became very present and the energy began to flow and the name itself really resonated and I became very emotional! It is quite long but I remembered it perfectly after just one hearing! I also received a beautiful précis of my soul purpose and a lovely, activating code. I highly recommend Dina’s work!

Jo Hemmant , UK

Thank you so much for your reading! I cried when I first listened to my Cosmic Name and essence as it confirmed what I knew but sometimes questioned about myself. Knowing that part of my purpose is to transmute some challenging energies helped increase my confidence and will allow me to embrace it even more. I feel I let go of some guilt and confusion through receiving your reading as well, since I sometimes judged myself for being in some dark/challenging scenarios based on some of the popular beliefs in the new age movement. Knowing that I am a master of transmuting some of these darker energies takes away that guilt/blame/shame energy that there may be something “wrong” with me that I would manifest those situations in my reality. Instead I can continue to remind myself that I am being of service, and honestly I find those “dangerous” situations to be a bit fun and exciting, an adventure. I was always eager to go first into the haunted house when I was younger Thanks again!

Rose Holiday, USA

Thank you for your reading. It felt very accurate. I teach Chi Kung and can feel the energy coming out of my hands and ‘see’ the energy creating light around me. So lovely to have that confirmed.I love the idea of sending any excess energy into land which I will now do much more consciously.I can also relate to bringing balance to the physical body and especially the skeletal system ( which is where I can often feel a lot of pain) This is so helpful to know. It answers a lot of my questions and so helpful to bring Universal energy through and to discharge excess energy to the earth.Thank you for verifying in such an accurate and amazing way how I work with codes. Such a wonderful service you provide.

Karen Sophia Peck,UK

Thank you Dina Sadoriniou . It was truly an incredible session and I am so grateful to you for the explanation and shift in understanding that you provided. I feel the difference in my daily life - it’s quite amazing and I now have to relearn some of my behaviour and reactions which have become normal and difficult over such a long time - I can feel JOY starting to spring & grow inside me now bit by bit. Another amazing realisation that I have made is that I’ve struggled with drawing codes myself and have been a bit disappointed about that but one pattern that I have continually drawn pretty much is identical to the code breaker code you drew which is the last but one photo you 

Gabriella Marenco, Australia

I loved receiving a channeled message from Dina! The code drawing she did is BEAUTIFUL! It is a confirmation of my deep connection with the earth and of my personality. It is a beautiful confirmation and is inline with my divine path. It is helping me put many many pieces of the puzzle together. I am very grateful for all she does! She has a divine gift! I highly recommend.

Kaylee Prebeck-Cyr , USA

The code keeper type and Akashic record readings with Dina have brought together disconnected pieces of my life and experiences to open up my potential and evolve many aspects into one whole gift I am here to be, clarifying and confirming my deep inner knowing of all that I am. Thank you Dina for your gifts contributing to the evolution of my soul.

Kylie Hanson ,Canada

Dina is an extraordinary person, enlightened and truly experienced.The Akashic Records reading session was for me something I have never done before, and the information Dina shared during the reading session so much resonated with my current situation.Dina is a clear channel, so gentle and careful, she explained me some things I had real doubts about, and also some simple changes I could do to follow my true path.. amazing !Thanks once again Dina, this review cannot reflect how meaningful was the session for me. With love and blessings Kate

Kate Salajeva, UK

When I met Konstadina (Dina) online a few years ago I knew my life would shift in a positive way. Dina assists in anchoring and igniting paths giving focus clarity. Her offerings illuminate your vision giving a strong and clear direction. Choosing the type of Code Keeper and Cosmic Name sessions gave me strength, perspective and guidance on moving forward. I highly recommend her expertise!

Pushita Loffreda,USA

I'm very grateful for my healing code Dina. I felt the benefits of the code even before I got it, it's like Quantum healing and it still works very deeply.Thank you a lot, much blessings and love magnificent soul - star sister

Mirjana Mimi, India

I love the facial codes created for me .As soon as i saw the image, my face started to tingle and insight came in. Thank you Dina for this powerful service!

Kathya Tsst, USA

Dina is a fantastic person and she is so talented. I did the course Akashic Records, and it was so inspiring and I learn so much. Book your self a treatment from Dina, you won't regret it.

Benjamin Holstebroe , Denmark

I was excited to find out that Konstadina's gift is determining what type of Code Keeper you are. When I received her reading and after viewing the code she provided, I was flooded with emotion.What she told me completely validated what I had known but was hesitant to trust. Now, I can move forward with confidence in my purpose with powerful skills that I use in service to the world.I'm looking forward to using the beautiful code she provided to enhance and activate me more!If you are curious about what kind of a code-keeper you are, I highly recommend getting a reading from Konstadina. It will allow everything to flow!

Lisa DePamphilis, USA

It is with pure joy that I am writing about my experiences with Dina. First, I experienced her gifts by discovering what type of code-keeper I am, that was awesome! And, then I chose to experience her gifts with an Akashic Records Reading Session.Dina is amazing. She connected and tuned in and then shared information with me, that I was fascinated by. Then she shared things that confirmed my inner-knowing, which left me feeling reassured. And, then she told me things that there is no way she could have known about me…and yet, there she was, spot on! I got aha’s, new awarenesses, confirmations, validations, and this amazing experience left me feeling empowered!I am so grateful that I followed my guidance to have a reading with Dina. In fact, it has been 2-weeks since my reading and I am still feeling the positive, empowering impact of my akashic record reading.I highly recommend you book a session with Dina, she is truly gifted and connected. I am looking forward to working with her again.

Donna Burgher, USA

I was introduced to a simply amazing,& accurate mini reading for 2021, “Your Souls Attributes for the New Year”by Dina, on 3rd Jan.With regards to my life’s journey up to this point in time. It was so incredibly spot on! The guidance given for the coming year ahead was just what I needed to hear. My Soul guided me to Dina, for positive direction. She is incredible 

Ramashanthi Premananda, India

Thank you so much Dear Dina for the incredible reading you did for me. I felt supported and held safely in your kindness.The insights revealed went straight to the heart of what is happening for me right now. Quite amazing!I felt a confirmation of several of my own thoughts and also learnt about new and interesting aspects of myself such as the potential to express light language in various forms.An unreasonable fear of very deep water now makes sense to me and I also have a better understanding of certain blocks in my life now.I would very much recommend an Akashic Reading with Dina. Much love and thanks 

Amber Birkin, Australia

Hi Konstadina.The codes & artwork are beautiful I did my activation this morning, wow, could feel energy flowing through legs & up through my body as was working on the chakras & feel it around my outer body.I don't speak or draw light language but know I feel & understand it on a higher level.I look forward with working with the codes/frequencies.Thank you again Gratitude & Love 

 Dina your channeling was so amazing, I cannot thank you enough. It left such a positive impact on me. I was so relaxed and positivity impacted by my personal light language and mandala. Your message resonated completely with my current situation 100%. 

Ranay Manssall, USA

Brilliant she knew exactly that it was my heart that was to heal I’ve been through so so much Thankyou so much I would recommend you to anyone Thankyou so much xxx

Hazel Carrie,USA

"Eternally grateful! This is a profound work" 

Darlene F Talavera, USA

"A troubled situation healed!" 

Patricia Horan, N. Carolina, USA

"A troubled situation healed!" 

Patricia Horan, N. Carolina, USA

"Recently I happened upon one of Dina's live Akashic group clearings. Her gentle tone and distinct connection allowed me to sit through the entire session. It was upon completion I realized the feeling of the world being lifted from my shoulders. I felt a feeling of being completed free from stress and obligations. It was the shift of a lifetime. Thank you Dina for your compassion and service!" 

-PK Loffreda, USA 

"Thank you for this session! It has helped in so many ways. The focus was my connection to my autistic son. The day after the session was a GREAT GREAT DAY! with many synchronicities! The amazing thing was that we were able to swim together with my son for the first time in 3 years!! Namaste" 

Serina Olsen, USA

I have had loads of pain in the lower back for some time... that pain is not there anymore . and feel like I have no worry , no more fear of past traumas.. More space for more beautiful memories.. SO grateful, so freeing..

Linda Barnes, Canada

 I feel it helped me release a lot around my mother letting me know that I wasn't wanted. Feel very calm and relaxed. 

Sena Graves Sobek, Indiana, USA

You helped me heal an event around my parents and their loveless marriage. I feel greater understanding and forgiveness rather than the disgust I felt at the beginning of this healing. Thank you. I feel much calmer now.

Lola Singer, Washington DC, USA 

Working on the water element and my relationship with it has been useful. With Dina and I we succeeded to evolve my feeling and what is water to me. Our work during a matrix regeneration and the techniques she used have been awesome. Thank you again my dear

Maxime Millaud, France

 This was very powerful and I could really feel both the release and cancellation both also the new energies and beliefs. This took me in quite a trance, the last part I almost didn’t stay awake but my soul was following along. There were also visions along with the clearing, definitely there was clearing going on. Feel so good right now, thank you so much ❤️ 

Anders Ehlers Birk-Trojahn, Denmark 

This was a gentle but powerful healing. I feel more at peace now with the pain. YESSSS crying was such a needed releasing for me today. This was DIVINELY timed. These 2 months are so crucial and you are doing such an amazing job of being a leader. Much love to you ❤️ and many many thanks too 

Shalini Bhattacharya, India 

  Thank you sooo much!!!!! I actually felt physical pain at the beginning in my heart chakra! Now it feels sort of numbed.... 

Frances Maria Chadwell

That was intense! I feel tired like after I’ve had a big long cry. ❤️I was coughing and twisting - like I’ve been possessed and what was holding me and keeping me in that space. Intense clearing! I felt each part clearing,cancellation, new templates. Beautiful!The codes are amazing and working with the rays made them work stronger and work better. The new positive imprints has already kicked in and I can feel them all still working through my body.Thank you for your gift. You did an amazing job holding us all.Thank you very much!! 😘😘😘 

Lesley Badelles, Perth, Australia

Wow that was really intense! Lots of intestinal knots were released that I didn’t even know were there! Thank you so very much! 

Lisa Haines Getter, Michigan, USA

Yes I feel a lot more peace and a pressure on the heart has now gone! I feel a lot of energy flowing again. Thank you so much Dina <3 

Mo Ruid, Costa Rica 

My Inner child is very happy Now! Thank you so much! 

Valeria Bruno Italy 

Felt intense energy during the release n feeling lighter n good ❤️ 

Eileen Foo, Singapore

It felt very strong and could see my DNA at some point. I saw things shattered from there. 

Ineke Hemminga, The Netherlands 

 I followed along and my heart is overflowing---so much peace.TY this has opened up so much for me <3 

Helen Umlah 

Very palpable energy, coughing, crying, sobbing, releasing. That was amazing. I will try this with other situations. THANK YOU! Much Love and Thank YOU Michelle

Wampler Yuro, USA 

 I loved that.. I so appreciate it.. What a feeling! I saw loads of colors swirling around , I saw a silhouette of my higher self, and all through my feet were tingling as I was connected to the earth, I feel like so much has been cleared and had tears of release and joy. <3 

Linda Bernes, Canada

The Healing you just did was powerful! I just wanted to say I could feel very powerful intense energy, it almost felt liquid. Like being in water. Wow! I was having a hard time not expanding the energy, sort of afraid to make like ripples. Never felt anything like it.I surprisingly cleared an emotion I never realised I had been holding: about being worthy or good enough. My Mother had tuberculosis and was forced into isolation, so I was shipped between relatives. I didn't realise I felt abandoned by both parents and not good enough to stay with just one relative. I was shocked for having felt this, but thankful to be able to understand the block, forgive and clear it with this session. Wow! Thank you!I had my energy change confirmed by a friend too. She said my energy felt different and that she believes I shifted something very old. Confirmation!I think I really needed your healing, I feel really good, calm. With so much around me, I can often feel -hard to explain - scattered, agitated, exhausted... I admit I was surprised to feel light and wonderful after your healing. Honestly I was surprised how powerful this was!Amazing! Would love to know exactly what you were working with as I have never felt anything like this! Definitely a wonderful, amazing gift you have of healing.I feel so blessed to have experienced this, it was truly exceptional. 

Debra Webb , Australia

 Do you feel the urge to heal and change your life but nothing seems to work? I used to walk in these shoes, too, trying different techniques like energy healing, EFT, you name it.While these techniques would bring some relief, it seemed that sooner or later I would attract hurtful circumstances back in my life. I was ready to let go of my limiting beliefs but healing myself felt overwhelming and at times not even possible. Just then, spirit guided me to Konstadina and her Matrix Regeneration Technique.I registered for a Matrix Regeneration knowing in my heart that this was a prayer answered. I am still in awe of the life transforming healing that Konstadina guided me into.In just one session, Konstadina was able to pinpoint the source of my emotional suffering and with her technique, she shifted the energy in such a profound way that I felt like I was born again. For the first time in my conscious life, I felt empowered and excited about who I truly am. Within minutes, the past was in the past, the lessons were learned, and the trauma was healed.Kostadina, thank you for helping me get back on my feet. I am forever grateful for your gift and wisdom. 

Ana Kupenov, California, USA

"Your seminar of the Matrix Regeneration Technique was a true revelation for me. Going in deep to subconscious mind to find the issue influenced the present life with the same obstacles over and over again and the technique allowing to clear and recovering with new positive imprints is amazing!! I appreciate very much the knowledge and practice shared by you, Dina!"

Tania Staneva, Sofia, Bulgaria

"Thank you Dina for offering this live healing group session using the Matrix Regeneration Technique! I listened to the replay and am so grateful that you are sharing the replay on your page for a limited time. The session was very powerful and transformational for me on so many levels. I was able to shift something on a deep level that I had been working on for some time and by using this process, I believe I have completely rewritten my codes, which is absolutely amazing. I feel much better, much lighter and more expansive. I feel the energy channels within my body completely open now, where previously the energy had been blocked and stuck. Honestly, it's amazing! I feel completely different in my body! And I know that this is just the beginning! For anyone who has never received a session from Dina, I highly recommend her work! She is amazing! Check out the replay of this live session soon and then book a one-on-one session with her to experience an even more profound healing experience. Thank you Dina! Much Love, Gratitude and Blessings to you dear one! "

Marla Kaya, Turkey

"Hello, DinaI want to thank you for the time we were together on the Matrix Regeneration Technique Course.This is one of the most fulfilling and enriching experiences I have ever had.Very affordable practice that is easy to apply and has a pretty strong effect.The cleansing occurred quite strongly on my physical level. Prior to the course, I was very worried about any change in my life.Now I feel more relaxed and well-balanced. Thank you for your responsiveness. The ease with which you work greatly impressed me.Everything was explained well and practice reinforced the lessons learned. I'm glad I was able to attend your seminar.I expect our next meetings."

Tanya Borisova Sofia, Bulgaria

I thank my New teacher: Dina SadoriniouFor the precious instrument – the Matrix Regeneration TechniqueDuring my Path of 15 years related to personality development and self-discovery by the different disciplines: astrology, human design, numerology, by energy methods – Akashic records, Mahatma, Teate Reiki, by Dina, I reached whatever is necessary for me in order to make my entire work until this moment complete.How did this method reach me?I took an intuitive decision for participation regarding Dina’s invitation for the education; it was enough for me to read that there is going to be work on the sacred codes and geometry. It has been almost two years since I keep receiving guidance by arch. Methatrone and I work with the sacred geometry figures… Thus, I fulfilled a task given to me from above…, and Dina was the person, who gave me the method…What is the feeling of working with the technique?Since the first session conducted during the education, I felt the strong presence of the Golden Light, which filled my aura. A feeling of calmness, love, harmony.This is the same feeling experienced by the people to whom I apply the method on; they all feel relaxed, capable of Here and Now, harmony and Love.What is the result?Personally for me, this technique healed a painful relationship in my life with a member of my family.I still feel the impact of the method on me.I use the technique during work with people, because it gives a completion to my work: as an astrologist, I see the problem of a person, I tell them what is the path and how it can be corrected, but there is more time necessary for this. By the method of Dina, the problem can be solved on energetic level by removal of the blockages in the structures. The Energy of the Light and Love, which comes by the technique, is so strong that the fears in people disappear and in such a state they see properly the situation that needs a correction.With this technique “the reason” for one experience or another in our lives, such as: strong fears, phobias, disagreements with the loved ones, separations, divorces, painful emotional traumas, etc., can be corrected.With this technique the problem can be “healed”. This happens by realizing the reason, taking personal responsibility of what is happening, forgiveness, love to oneself, and this whole set rearranges the energy Matrix…By healing the past, we create a New, different and better future for us, for the children of our love ones, for everybody downstream…Regarding my personal attitude to the method: I work with it as with something, which is very familiar, I feel lightness and confidence during my work with it…Dina, endless Thanks!!!

Nina Nenova, Sofia, Bulgaria 

"Along these lines, I would like to show my gratitude to Dina, who conducted a seminar for practitioners in Sofia – Matrix Regeneration Technique ™. In the future, many people will definitely need an opinion and information whether they should take this step; that is why I decided to express my opinion helping everyone who needs to develop spiritually.The first thing, that made an impression on me, was that due to some “strange” circumstances all of those, who attended it, were brought there by their intuition /no matter if it has been a dream, channeling or something else/! The second impressive thing was that all of those, who attended it, have needed for a long time particularly a technique, which can unify and raise to a higher level their own experience! I have stopped wondering long ago about things happening in an inexplicable way, but I continue feeling inspiration when I see such stuff! At this seminar with Dina, the things were predefined not by the human expectation, but by another, more perfect place!Now for the seminar in particular – Dina is foremost a wonderful, pure and good person and this is streaming from her, there is no way not to feel it – I think that this is the first requirement if somebody decides to go in this direction! Dina presented the things accurately, clearly, in short, without anything unnecessary, this is what I liked the most.About Dina it was all specific and accurate! The technique in particular – for me personally, turned out to be exactly the missing piece of the puzzle, the important instrument, which was necessary for me in order to gain my experience in a compact, effective and useful way.And here exactly comes my biggest gratitude to Dina – gratitude, which I send on the behalf of my clients, too, who experience a real transformation and I am satisfied! And one more thing – the technique of Dina is not only an instrument, which we could work and help the needy ones with. It is something much more; it changes us, our energies, our emission…This can be felt very strongly, too, apart from my own feelings regarding the new vibration in me, my clients also felt this and they multiplied drastically – eh, after all that, what more can I say, other than the only thing that matters – THANK YOU, DINA!"

Katya Kyuchukova – NLP therapist, hypnotherapy, regression Sofia, Bulgaria

"This session brought my entire being to be deeply moved. To be more flexible. To connect to my own feelings. During the session I felt some very strong heating and the presence of Beings of Light. It was just like something flew out of my head, let’s say that I became lighter and I was lighter after the session.Today, two days later, I can say that I feel more clearly whenever I am hungry, whenever I am tired – these feelings emerge clearly, even though I am serving my patients during this time. I know that everything is going to be in a better balance after that. Thank you so much, Dina, for the sacred space, which you created, so that this healing can happen and the energies in me can be more balanced and run smoothly.I will write a few words about the seminar – I liked it a lot that we are not only defining the models, but with the help of the Beings of Light and thanks to the sacred codes, we can also change the matrix. The models, which led us from one life to another, can be transformed, changed. Everything in the method is systemized a lot and in good order.I have had the opportunity to have 4-5 sessions more with my clients this week – they are all unanimous that the method works. Some of them have never had such visualizations – obviously the codes open them up for some new levels.Thank you, Dina, that you shared with us this healing method. I hope that there are going to be a lot more seminars conducted by you in Bulgaria. Everything is following its divine rhythm and happens for our greatest good. Obeisance and gratitude"

Maria Bogdanova, Sofia, Bulgaria