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3 ways to discovering your path 


Dina offers intuitive guidance coaching sessions, akashic records readings, energy healing sessions and personalised channeled light language art and light codes with personal messages.


Dina offers a number of online courses and training packages for personal, spiritual and professional growth, including Akashic Records & potent Energy Healing Modalities. 

Light Language Activations

Light Language Activations

Here you will find digital downloads of specialised Light Language Activations & Healing with Light codes and audios

Dina Sadoriniou

Intuitive Coach, Healer & Trainer

Konstadina (Dina) Sadoriniou is an internationally renowned coach, mentor, trainer, speaker, author & visionary artist, in the field of personal, spiritual and professional development with an experience spanning more than 35 years. She is the founder of the Cosmic Soul Academy which aims to assist individuals discover their uniqueness, unleash their potential and live the life of their own conscious design with fulfillment, well-being & abundance.

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what people say ...

"My Akashic records phone session was mind-blowing in its depth and wisdom...." 

Julia Bennett, USA

"Taking this course was one of the best decision that I've ever made..."

Marla Kaya, USA

"I am still in awe of the life transforming healing that Konstadina guided me into..."

Ana Kupenov, USA

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Manifestation using water?

Today I’m going to not only share with you the technique that you can easily follow yourself but also show you how I do it, so make sure you watch the video till the end. In case it might feel odd to you that you can manifest whatever you desire by using water, let me explain briefly the concept behind it.


Understanding how fear works

What is fear all about? When picking up this topic of “fear”, I realised that just saying or reading the actual word – fear – can trigger uncomfortable emotions within. It amazes me how much power and control this emotion holds within all living beings.


Three things you agreed to before you took birth

As you are an eternal living consciousness that incarnates in this physical world through your free will, you make a foundation plan about your upcoming birth in agreement with Source through the appropriate Divine Beings.Today I will share with you 3 things you agreed to before you were born


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