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Create the Life & Heart - centered Life & Business of Your Dreams

Are you ready?

Uplevel Your Spiritual Business (TM)

Coaching Programme 

... And in the next few minutes we're going to show you exactly how you can free yourself from all of your blocks, restrictions and limitations...



Here’s Just A Few Things

  • Do you sometimes struggle with consistently attracting enough paying clients?

  • Do you feel stuck and lack clarity as to what you need to do in your business to succeed? 

  • Is it difficult for you to see what’s so special about you and your work and showcase it to your prospects with confidence? 

  • If you feel stressed, depressed, angry, guilty, anxious, jealous or negative whenever you think about money ( your lack of money or other people's richness)

If you have had enough being mediocre but you are unsure as to how to successfully promote yourself and your business, but you are ready to step into the next phase of your professional evolution and enjoy greater success in your business;

Then this is a programme for you!

We will be starting from ground level up toward achieving your goal of attracting your ideal clients and sustain a profitable business doing what you love.

Can you relate to these statements?

  • I have tried many things to create a profitable business but nothing seems to be working.

  • I know that there are things blocking my way to success but I don’t know what they are and how to remove them.

  •  I want to earn a good living doing what I love but I just can’t seem to be able to get there.

  •  I know my business and that I need a change but I do not know what kind of change.

  •  I feel stuck, confused and overwhelm and I don’t know what to do.

  •  I don’t know if I am “good enough” to succeed in my chosen field.

  • I'm good in what I do but I don't know how to market myself.

  • I know I need to promote myself and / or my work but "I hate" marketing.

If you are ready to uplevel your spiritual business and experience the success you deserve, you can start by accepting my complimentary strategy session and find out how my coaching programme can benefit you.

    "Thank you Konstadina for the beautiful moments...

    of healing, inspiration and confidence. The three hours that we had together helped me immensely for my physical and emotional freedom, and for my spiritual growth. Burdened by daily cares and by aggravated family relations, I had amassed in my aura and in my body negative energies which manifested in my life as sadness, regret, anger, disappointment and dissatisfaction. One easily forgets that one is the creator of one's life through one's thoughts and emotions. In my first meeting with Konstadina she helped me release the pain, sadness and the negative effects of people's opinions on me. She removed them from me as if with a magic wand in just one session. The result was healing and lightness. In the second session Konstadina managed through the Divine codes to reactivate in me the Divine inspiration and my creative powers. In the third meeting helped she me to regain my confidence in my own strength, in the great range of possibilities for self-expression and self-realization. She read with ease important elements of my Akashic records in terms of aims, possibilities and intentions of my soul in this earthly incarnation. A hearty thank you, Konstadina. The meetings with you left a deep trace and intensified the feeling of harmony, fulfillment and connection to all spheres of my life. The excitement and the inspiration woke up again in me full power! Thank you and see you soon!"

    Stefka Todorova, Sofia, Bulgaria


    "THANK YOU for what you share...

    "When I heard that you will come to Bulgaria, I hurried to make an appointment, for an individual consultation with you, because I felt that you are the person that I can trust. You were recommended by a friend who has rich experiences and follows a common path in practical life as well as spiritually. Unfortunately I was ill and could not come on our 1 st meeting, but inside me I knew clearly that regardless of your dynamic schedule, I have to find a way and see you. If there is a will, there is a way :) So I managed to "catch the last train", last hour consultation before you go back to UK. And my hopes and expectations were not futile. Within one session you succeeded to understand my character as well as the best and most efficient way for me to conduct my session and gave me the tools to be able to work independently, to develop and become better and better. Just brilliant work! Konstadina for me is incredibly professional, whose efficient and adequate work in less than an hour was able to analyse the problem, to look into it, to define and transform it, through its extensive accomplishment. And not only that, but give me a starting point and the perspective, from which to build and enrich my personality! Konstadina, THANK YOU for what you share with love, dedication and creativity; for your experience, talent and wisdom! God bless you! With love and gratitude." SURIA (my spiritual name) :) ))

    Milena Lekova Sofia, Bulgaria

    Workshop facilitator 

Limited spaces

Individual Coaching Programme

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Limited spaces

Konstadina offers a limited number of private sessions every month to those individuals who are willing and committed to take this journey of self-healing, positive change and upliftment.

Complimentary Session

To find out if Konstadina is the right mentor for you and how she can facilitate you towards achieving your goals, please sign up below to apply for a complimentary strategy session.

1-2-1 Live Sessions

Sessions are offered in person, via the phone or Zoom - Depending on where you are I might be able to call you free on your landline.

The aim of this coaching programme is to:

  • Discover your uniqueness and Unique Selling Proposition

  • Identify the obstacles that stand in your way

  • Clarify your message & establish your brand

  • Identify your ideal client

  • Identify & reach your target market

  • Attract your ideal clients and create / sustain a successful business

  • What you can expect to gain from this programme:

  • Build up the foundation your business needs to thrive.

  • Bring clarity as to what you offer and to whom. 

  • Create a unique and attractive brand. 

  • Understand who your clients are and where you can find them in great numbers. 

  • Develop systems and strategies that help you build up your clientele.

  • Learn how to leverage your business.

  •  Learn how to sell with confidence without being “salesy”. 

  • Develop the confidence that comes from knowing. 

  • Experience less stress and overwhelm by learning ways to manage time, plan ahead and organise your work effectively.

  • Learn effective online / offline marketing strategies that get you the results you seek. 

  • Create a Marketing Plan that consistently gets you more clients.

  • Either you want to start a business or you are feeling stuck in your present business and are ready to step up your game to greater success, this is a programme you will highly benefit from.

    During the UPLEVEL YOUR SPIRITUAL BUSINESS™ Coaching programme, you receive the valuable tools and assignments you need, we answer all your questions, discuss and complete worksheets and set action plans for achieving your goals. 

    Either you are want to start a business or you are feeling stuck in your present business this is a programme you will highly benefit from.

    In Addition to the 1-2-1 coaching / healing sessions you will also receive a huge bonus package worth more than £300!!

    There is a minimum commitment of 3 months for this programme.

    Let's see what others have said

    "Very helpful to transform some difficult emotional experiences"

    "Thank you dear Dina for the help in healing my emotions! I particularly appreciate the Matrix regeneration sessions, very helpful to transform some difficult emotional experiences and to find the inner peace and self esteem. Warm thanks and love!"

    Tatiana Dimitrova, Bulgaria

    "My session with you gave me the clarity and direction... have helped lift a huge weight off my chest. "

    "Thank you Dina for your amazing work! My session with you gave me the clarity and direction I was looking for as well as confirmation of some things that have helped lift a huge weight off my chest. You’re a genuine, kind and caring soul and I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family! Thank you again! Lots of love "

    Erica Couto, United Kingdom

    "It was the shift of a lifetime"

    "Recently I attended one of Dina's live Akashic group clearings. Her gentle tone and distinct connection allowed me to sit through the entire session. It was upon completion I realized the feeling of the world being lifted from my shoulders. I felt a feeling of being completely free from stress and obligations. It was the shift of a lifetime. Thank you Dina for your compassion and service!" 

    PK Loffreda, USA 

    This is for you IF:

    • If you have had enough not feeling good enough to experience the success that you desire;

    • If you are ready to do what it takes to have your star shine and play a bigger game;

    • If you want to do what you love as your profession, be able to reach and serve more people and sustain a profitable business at the same time;

    • If you want to be part of building a heart centered economy whilst you use all of your talents, skills and passion and you want to know how;

    • If you want to co-create with the Universe a life of abundance on all levels, a life of your own design;

    • Then you are ready to step up your determination and bring this desired positive change in your life.


      And if you are ready

      I'm ready for YOU!

    Take the advantage of this Coaching Programme


    Complimentary Strategy Session 

    (worth £200)

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  • Limited spaces available 

    It’s Time To Take Control Of Your Destiny And SPEED Towards True Success

    Konstadina particularly likes to work with individuals and heart centered entrepreneurs or professionals who are spiritually inclined who feel ready and are committed to investing in the themselves so they can stepping into the next phase of their personal, professional and spiritual evolution achieve abundance in health, wealth and happiness and enjoy greater fulfillment and greater success, allowing their star to shine, so they can assist others towards their journey in the best possible way.

    About your intuitive coach / mentor

    Konstadina uses her 35 years of knowledge, experience and expertise from the world of Life Coaching, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Spirituality and the guidance of the akashic records to provide a safe and powerful platform so healing and well-being can be experienced and the individual - YOU - can find your true exceptional identity.  This is an important step towards fulfilling any of your dreams and manifesting the life you desire.

    Konstadina Sadoriniou 

    Intuitive Coach, Teacher & Healer

    You could achieve rapid results and you could do it FASTER and EASIER than you thought. 

    And it all starts with taking the RIGHT STEP forward today.

    Dina has gained a degree in marketing and gained extensive experience in the corporate world as well as running her own heart-centered spiritual business since the last 25 years.

    You can read some of the many testimonials here

    What you will gain from this Complimentary Strategy Session

    Clarify what are the goals you wish to achieve.

    Discover what are the obstacles stopping you from achieving those goals.

    Create a plan as to how to go forward.

    Find out about the "Uplevel Your Spiritual Business" (TM) Coaching programme and if this is the right choice for you.

    Unleash Your Potential, Create a Life of Your Own Design

    Here's A Gist Of Everything You Need To Know

    • Limited number of private coaching sessions every month 

    • The total value including the sessions and the bonuses is more than $xxxx.

    • Sessions are phone or zoom and last 30, 60 of 90 minutes.

    • You can have a no obligation chat with Konstadina to find out if this is right for you.

    If you believe this is for you

    Book a complimentary session today!

    (worth £200)

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